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Spring is arriving in few days and the Lusatian Mountains will be soon full of bike riders too

4. 3. 2017

Spring is arriving in few days and the Lusatian Mountains will be soon full of bike riders too. Just about time to start preparing for the 18th Malevil Cup MTB marathon.

Hundreds to thousands of amateur riders take part in Malevil each year and in last few years some professional riders too. Just to name a few Jaroslav Kulhavý, Thomas Dietsch, Alban Lakata, Kristián Hynek, Periklis Ilias, Tiago Ferreira.

ben1One wouldn’t believe that it is already 5 years since we hosted the European Championship. One of the professional riders taking part in the race at the time was Ben Thomas, the winner of 2016 Great Britain MTB marathon championship. Ben is also a journalist and editor at Therefore, we thought we would ask him (and some other riders) few questions.

Hi Ben,We ask you a few questions.
It will be soon 5 years from the mountain bike European Championship at Malevil. What are your memories from that race?

I have very fond memories of Malevil Cup. The year the race hosted the European Champs was one of my very first marathon races, previous to that i'd only raced the UCI Cross Country World Cup. The track, the scenery, the race venue, the organisation was all very professional.

Considering our hills aren’t Alps, how did you like the race course and its surroundings?

Malevil Cup has a real mix of trails including fast open fireroad, grassy farm tracks, super rocky jeep track descents, loose steep rocky climbs, and fun root covered singletrack. It's a great location to ride and race, enjoyable but very tough. The scenery in this part of Czech Republic is spectacular and one of the reasons I have good memories.

How would you mark us for the organisation effort? Including the shortcomings. We have been praised by the main UCI referee Bruno Valcic for managing such a race through two countries, by such a small and local team. Initially he wouldn’t believe it would happen without problems. However, what is your personal view?

The course starts at Jablonne v Podjestedi town centre, passes over the German border, passes back into Czech Republic further west, before finishing up on the Malevil Ranch golf course in Hermanice v Podjestedi. It's a great accomplishment that the organisers can pull off the logistics of visiting 2 countries.

benObviously you have done many races all over the world. How would you compare our race with the other ones?

For me the quality of course and course marking are the most important aspects of a successful race. I've ridden a lot of races all over the world but I love the type of trails Malevil Cup use so it's up there as one of the best races I've ridden.

Have you got the chance to race with Czech riders, of any level, and how would you describe their attitude to cycling as a whole sport?

I've raced many of the top Czech riders but wouldn't say I know any of them too well other than Kristian Hynek. I have guest ridden for his Topeak Ergon team on a number of occasions. He is a great athlete, a harder worker, with many fantastic accomplishments. Kris is a good guy to have a conversation with, very knowledgeable and interesting. He's part of a very nice team of riders and staff.

Last question: Would you consider taking part in our race again?

After 5 years Malevil Cup is finally back on my race schedule for 2017. It's one of the races i'm most excited for. I just don't understand why it's taken me so long to get myself back to Czech Republic for this race.

Thanks for all your answers.
We look forward to you at Malevil Cup


7. 12. 2016
Welcome to our new website Malevil Cup MTB marathon

Hello cycling friends, sport fans, party people and fun seekers.

I would like to welcome you all on our new web pages, which are hopefully aligned with modern expectation and should work even on all mobile devices. Old pages are gone forever, but the new ones may occasionally experience few issue. Please, just bear with us or let us know, if you discover something that isn’t working as it should.

We are just launching the registrations for the 18th edition of our international Malevil Cup MTB marathon. We are preparing four courses of various distances – 100, 65, 45 and 25 km. On top of that, there will be other events such as cycling trips or short races for the youngest and oldest of all of us. There will be something for everyone. Traditionally, all accompanied by some good entertainment or educational events from the world of sport.

If you are after more than cycling, believe us, the Lusatian Mountains have much more to offer too. Not far away from us, you can discover the stunning sandstone towers of the Bohemian – Saxon Switzerland that continuously merge with local mountain range full of rocky gorges or lookouts. The singletrack area of Nové Město pod Smrkem will provide you with interesting experience as well.

Accept, therefore, our sincere invitation to take part in the 18th edition of our international Malevil Cup Author MTB marathon.

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